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What is an Emergency?

Smell of gas, water leak or break in.

An emergency is something that cannot wait until we open, if you call a tradesman unnecessarily you may be held liable for the costs involved.

Useful Advice and Numbers

Gas leak:

Transco 08706 081 524

Water Leaks :

If you can, switch off the stopcock to prevent further damage. If a plumber is urgently required call the Ryden’s 24 hr answer Machine on 0131 226 2545 and you will be provided with details of a 24hr plumber.

If the leak is coming from above, and you can’t contact the occupier Telephone Environmental Health on 0131 529 3030You will have been advised if the property you are in has cover in place. If there is, the number to contact is 0845 9500 400

Please contact us to advise of the nature of the emergency in order that we may follow up.

Please complete the form below as fully as you can. We will be in touch with you to update you as soon as we can


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